Donna Law Jewelry Designs

I have owned my business D. Law Jewelry Designs since 1988. I am a master-goldsmith. I specialize in creating custom-made fine jewelry. *Many of my pieces are one-of-a-kind*


I have fun meeting the challenge of harmonizing the “rocks and metal” in a 3-dimensional art form that is structurally compatible to be worn on the body as adornment. I like to think of it as “Intimate Art”.

My Childhood

My earliest memory relating to my passion for jewelry and gemstones was as a young child. I can remember having a dream where the clouds were raining sparkling jewelry all around. I would run and gather it up in my arms as much as I could hold.

My father, who is an artist and sculptor, had always been an inspiration for me and encouraged me to pursue my artistic dreams and ambitions.

It was my 8th grade art teacher who would allow me to come before class to show me some jewelry making techniques that really sparked my passion for creating jewelry.


Early Career

I am an Arizona native and have lived most of my adult years in New River, AZ.

In 1974 I began my jewelry career when still in high school working part time in a jewelry repair shop. After graduation, I worked full time as an apprentice to a highly skilled jewelry craftsman. The opportunity was quite rare at the time and I was passionate about achieving.


I’ve successfully completed GIA diamond courses in Santa Monica, CA, and various art and design classes. I have studied hands on with some great masters in the jewelry field.